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    December 20, 2023 Luncheon

    "When God Calls, Obey--

    The call to Start Hope Gospel Mission"

    With Cindy Donnelly

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    Join us for the December 20th Lunch

    featuring our speaker,

    Cindy Donnelly


    "When God Calls, Obey--

    The call to Start Hope Gospel Mission"


     Cindy Donnelly is a wife and mother of 3 adult children and is co-founder, with her husband Mark, of Hope Gospel Mission. In 1998 Mark and Cindy saw a need in their community with homelessness so they opened HGM to serve this population of hurting people. Cindy has mentored several women in the program through the years and does the annual blanket tie every Christmas with the women residents. Cindy also mentors women in her church. Cindy has a BA degree in psychology from UW Eau Claire.

    Cindy has a passion for helping women grow in their personal relationships in marriage and their walk with God. Serving God and women is a calling that she cherishes deeply.

    Purposeful Partner for December 2023

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    Hope Gospel Mission Women and Children’s Center is committed to bringing hope to women with children struggling with homelessness and addiction in the Chippewa Valley and Western Wisconsin.
    For those seeking short-term emergency housing, assistance in
    procuring safe, long-term housing, stable employment and a workable budget, Hope Gospel Mission is here for them. Long-term programs are dedicated to addressing the root causes of a person’s problems. It takes months of intensive work to break down bad habits, then build and reinforce good ones, enabling both men and women to become contributing, independent members of our society.
    In all our work, we strive to share the Love of Jesus Christ and believe that Christ is the key to both eternal salvation and life here on earth.
    For more information visit https://hopegospelmission.org
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    the December luncheon

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    Dec 20, 2023 Cindy Donnelly

    When God Calls, Obey – The call to Start Hope Gospel Mission


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