Purposeful Partner


    What It Is

    The Women with Purpose “Purposeful Partner” (PP) is a local non-profit organization that is chosen by Women with Purpose on a monthly basis during the season (September – May). The attendees of the Women with Purpose monthly luncheon are encouraged to bring donated items and/or cash donations according to the list of needs provided by the Purposeful Partner.


    What Your Organization Receives

    During the month your organization is featured as the Purposeful Partner, you will receive the following benefits:

    • 1 Free lunch
    • Free publicity (website, social media, slideshow, emails)
    • Display at the Purposeful Partner table
    • Networking opportunity before and after lunch
    • Cash and items donated by Women with Purpose attendees

    If you have any questions, please contact Connie Szak by email at connie@wwpwi.org


    Purposeful Partner - May 2022

    Royal Family Kids


    Begun in 1985 by a pastor who saw a need toprovide hope to local foster children in Costa Mesa, California, Royal Family Kids was a week-long summer camp to create moments that matter for 37 children ages 6-12. 
    These children suffered from family-induced childhood trauma (FICT). While the negative effects of wars, natural disasters, disease,and famine, cannot be overstated, the psychological and physiological (brain) damage of a child whose parent is the cause of such suffering contributes to, at minimum, social ills such as academic failure, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness, incarceration, andprison. 
    As of November 2020, Royal Family KIDS, officially became For the Children, with chapters throughout the U.S. This change has allowed expansion into advocacy, awareness, fostering and adoption, volunteer engagement and more.  Staff and volunteers continue to serve foster children through our RFK Camps and Mentoring but are encouraged and eager to place additional focus on the systemic issues facing our children around the globe. 
    Your donations will help children in this area attend Royal Family Kids camp this summer. 
    For more information visit:   https://www.forthechildren.org 
    Women with Purpose can donate online at registration or at the May 18th luncheon.
    Thank you for your generosity!

    2022-23 Balance Builder


    We hear a lot about SELF-CARE, but do we really know what that looks like? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Reading a good book
    • Getting out in nature
    • Going for a pedicure
    • Going to the doctor for that physical or check-up you’ve put off for way too long
    • Picking up that hobby you dropped because you were too busy
    • Grab coffee with a girlfriend or loved one

    Think of something that makes you feel cared for or that brings you joy and do that! Care for yourself! You are always pouring so much into others. Let’s pause this month and do something to take care of YOU!


    And remember to share these great ideas on Facebook so we can encourage others to do the same.

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